What the Machine Learning?

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Self-driving Google car, online recommendation offers, spam detection, a vast understanding of the human genome and a lot of other great non-stop updating features owe such technology as machine learning.

The theory of the computer's ability to learn from data, without being programmed to perform specific tasks, interest in artificial intelligence gave birth to machine learning. 

Absolutely, it is not a literal learning of computers, this is a use of algorithms to build analytical models and data. Nowadays it is able to work with huge amount of data, which determine such great things as Siri, self-driving cars etc.

Nevertheless, machine learning is not quite the same thing as artificial intelligence.

Consequently, AI is more extensive apprehension of computers ability to implement tasks, which are considered as “smart”. Likewise, machine learning is an actual application of AI, which is based on the point that we can give machines access to data and let them learn on its own.