Kindgeek listed among The Top Nearshore Software Development Companies

According to Yahoo! Finance, these top nearshore companies can help brands develop cutting edge software.

The #1 Top Company

Our team is pleased to announce that our expert work was admitted by Yahoo! Finance, and DesignRush, as Top Nearshore Software Development Companies of 2020. Kindgeek wins first place.

"KindGeek is a software development company that provides web and mobile development, UI/UX design, business analysis, and quality assurance services. They work on projects for various industries with different needs", - wrote Yahoo.

Among winners, there were strong experienced companies from Eastern Europe, the EU, the USA, the UK, Middle East, Latin America, and Australia. DisignRush is looking for top companies in such industries as Digital Agencies, Software Development Companies, Website Design Companies, App Development Companies, and many more. It connects brands and agencies, that is why it is searching for the best representatives of the industries.

Advantages of Nearshore Software Development Company

Nearshoring has grown in 2020 for 5%, and the tendency demonstrates that this growth will continue. DesignRush also noticed that nearshoring became a popular trend among businesses that need software development services for a reason.

The platform highlights the main advantages of high-rated nearshore software development companies like KindGeek. For example, it is a huge obstacle for a lot of companies to work with distant outsourcing companies due to the time difference. So, nearshore teams are easy to work with as they operate in the same or similar time zone. This allows both clients and development companies to be always available and enables face-to-face meetings to understand each other better and to solve issues as soon as needed.

The main advantage of the nearshore software development firms is the high quality for a better price than you can find in in-home companies.

How to start working with a nearshore software development company?

A good beginning to start a project with a nearshore software development company is to look at its portfolio and check if they have experience in the field you are interested in. For example, Kindgeek is skillful in developing FinTech Enterprises, Healthcare, EdTech software, Fashion, Retail, InsurTech Web, and App development, DesignRush wrote.

Our team is honoured that we appeared in September Top List from Yahoo. Kindgeek was also mentioned in the July Top List of Nearshore Software Development Companies Of 2020 from DesignRush, too.

Besides, Kindgeek has entered The Top Mobile App Development Companies List of September 2020. “App developers build fully functional applications through skilled coding and programming”, notes Yahoo! Finance. Also, the KindGeek team is mentioned here as one of the best Mobile App Development, Website Development, UX Design developers companies that businesses can leverage for technical expertise and experience.

So, we are working to keep the high quality of our services to fulfill our clients' expectations. If you have any questions or you are about to start a project, please contact us.