5 "to check" points before conference

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If you are going at a conference to represent a startup, you have to be as a scout - always prepared to be ingenious and flexible.

In spite of grand preparation for events, there are no limits for improvement.

So here are few issues to check before the participation:

  1. Have you stocked some organizing and communication tools up? You live in the world of innovations and a lot of inventions for rational use of time. So use tools and spare your time.

  2. Make people remember you. Think your marketing materials through. To be clear, everyone has prepared hundreds of business cards, handshakes and long nights for follow-ups. Be creative with your business card. In addition, you can make a selfie with a person you communicate and add it to your follow-up.

  3. Do not neglect of doing business right on time. The first day, a lot of communication, party. Then go to bed? No-no, time to send first follow-ups. First of all, you won’t forget main details and an investor may still remember you.

  4. Not very promising first communication with an investor? Do not lose the contact, work with it at next conferences. There are guys, who reached the goal at the third conference they’ve worked with an investor.

  5. Positive thinking. If you are not success oriented - do not go to such event. You will get any profit because your brain programmed on failure.

And don't forget about the quality of software. Let's rock!